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Serving tables


Being a successful waiter or waitress in a restaurant means giving good and friendly service that will lead to tips from the guests at your tables. Following the advice below you will impress the customers in your section and you will get better tips.

Be friendly

Be friendly and attentive to the people at your table and make them feel welcome and important. Introduce yourself immediately and make eye contact with those you are speaking to.

Be a menu expert

Study the menu regularly, know the details about the entrées starters and know exactly what the specials are.  Recommend food that you like. You have to know the price of the food and if certain items contain dairy or other commonly allergic substances.


Customers usually want to get something to drink soon after they sit down at the table. Take beverage orders quickly. And make sure you know how to open a bottle of wine properly.

Write it and Repeat it.

Listen to what the person orders, write it down in detail and then repeat each order back to the table. In addition, it is a good idea to check the food before it comes out, to make sure it is right.

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